Affric Land Use Group

A Great Opportunity

We live in a spectacular part of Scotland, along with Strathglass - the Glens of Affric and Cannich are iconic. The land that surrounds us carries a rich cultural heritage against a back drop that is renowned for being diverse, atmospheric and spectacular. Our natural heritage is recognised nationally and internationally with the native pine woods of Affric designated a National Nature Reserve in 2001.

Who we are

The Affric Land Use Group is a subgroup of the Strathglass and Affric Community Company working under their Terms of Reference. It formed organically, following presentations on Rewilding in the Cannich Hall, is open to anyone who is interested and has the time to invest. We value openness and transparency and expect to evolve at the project grows. The Main Board Director responsible is David Balharry. If you would like to hear more or get involved please contact anyone of us at

  • Photograph taken in Glen Affric


  • David Balharry
  • Nigel Fraser
  • Matt Jones
  • Alan Hood
  • Simon McLaughlin
  • Liz Balharry



Our Objective

Our objective is to look in detail at the potential benefits to community associated with giving priority to natural processes at a landscape scale. This falls within the scope of what is termed rewilding and we aim to take ownership of evaluating the opportunity that this thinking could bring.

As part of this project we will investigate how the community can either own land or work in partnership with landowners.

Nature based economies are growing rapidly across the world and in some areas of Scotland as seen on Mull, Skye and North Coast 500. Our aim is to empower the community to own the opportunity and plan for the future that we want to be part of.

What is next?

We want to hear from you, Strathglass & Affric residents, about your aspirations for the area and the values which make this your home.

The Land Use Group will undertake some work itself and if possible commission independent scoping studies. The combined purpose being to make information available to the whole community so that options can be discussed openly and with confidence.

A process of research, analysis and consultation is envisaged in two stages.

Stage one seeks to gather information to produce an analysis of the costs and benefits associated with different options. The second stage is about sharing the information collected to enable and facilitate discussion within the community 1 2.

Stage 1
  1. Prepare a baseline - by analysing the land use objectives of the public land, the running costs and the benefits to Strathglass and Affric community.
  2. Collate and report information on values & ambitions held within the community.
  3. Review nature based income and employment opportunities that could provide work locally for people of all ages and abilities.
  4. Explore opportunities for taking forward collaborative business models with private, public and third sector interests.
  5. Compare the existing opportunities available to the community with current resource management and outline opportunities that could exist to enhance community interaction and experience.
  6. Define the existing benefits to the community and outline opportunities that could exist for the community to enhance their interaction and experience.
  7. Record existing and available skills within the community, recognise opportunities for developing expertise and identify resources to help build capacity.
  8. Prepare outline business plan/s in support of different options.
Stage 2

We will work with the Community to review the outputs of Stage 1 and agree what action is desirable. Stage 2 will be a process that enables the Community to come together, discuss options and help shape the next stage of work.