Community Action Plan

A road map for implementing community change

The Community Action Plan committee was formed in early 2018 as a subgroup of the Strathglass and Affric Community Company working under their Terms of Reference. The Main Board Director responsible and Main Contact is Alan Hood at

Community Action Plans are intended to help residents, local businesses and public sector organisations map out how to achieve real improvement in the area. The group will initially form a core group of interested parties by consulting with all of the Community Groups in Strathglass and asking how they would like to be involved in the plan.

The core group once formed will agree what the Community Action Plan should analyse and funds will be raised to employ a Project Manager to consult with the community and prepare a plan for the future. It is hoped that this plan will influence the way the community grows and assist Strathglass in obtaining the appropriate funding to allow the community to grow and prosper.

It is anticipated that the plan will be reviewed at regular intervals and used as a real document to influence local and central government policy for the benefit of Strathglass.

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  • Alan Hood
  • Jane Stokes
  • Ian Campbell
  • Nigel Fraser
  • David Balharry
  • Ele Forster
  • Kate McKinley
  • Joni Strachan