Strathglass Community Fund

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Strathglass Community Fund (SCF) is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO) that was set up in 2014 with the main intention of ensuring that the Strathglass Community benefited from the local Hydro power schemes, particularly the Green Highland Renewables (GHR) hydro projects in Glen Affric and Glen Cannich.

  • Protection and enhancement of the natural, cultural and built heritage of the Strathglass Community Council geographic area (hereinafter referred to as ‘the Area’) and promotion and interpretation of the Area’s heritage to people living in, working in or visiting the Area.
  • The advancement of education in the Area.
  • The relief of those in need in the Area, by reason of age, ill-health, disability, financial hardship or other disadvantage.
  • The advancement of citizenship and community development in the Area.
  • The advancement of environmental protection or improvement in the Area.
  • The advancement of public participation in sport in the Area.
  • The provision of recreational facilities and the organisation of recreational activities to improve the conditions of life for everyone in the Area.

The following conditions will apply:

Applications need to be from constituted groups with a bank account, and have at least 3 members. You need to be based within the Strathglass area defined by the boundary map (which is the same as the current community council area). The project, equipment or service to be funded must have a clear benefit to the residents of the Strathglass Community and fulfil one or more of the charitable objectives listed above. A total additional fund of about £20,000 is expected by December 2021. The majority becomes available during September. We will assess each application individually and endeavour to distribute funds fairly. There is no minimum or maximum limit on grant applications.

Each case will be discussed by the board members and put through our scoring system before a decision is made. If your application is successful you will be required to supply photographs, receipts and a letter to explain how your grant was used, within one year of receiving the money, in order to support SCF’s governance as an accountable charity.

Download a Dipper Grant Application Form in MS Word Format or PDF Format.

Please submit applications by 31st of August to The Secretary SCF, Muirdale, Cannich, Beauly, Inverness-Shire, IV4 7LN. We will aim to give a response to applicants by the end of September.


The hydro schemes

Four hydro schemes now give funds to SCF. Schemes in the Liatrie burn and Alt Mullardoch, in Glen Cannich, gave a total generation royalty sum of £2109 in 2019-2020. Schemes in Abhainn Gleann nam Fiadh and in Allt Garbh, in Glen Affric, gave a total community royalty payment of £17,783 in 2020. In addition SCF will receive a company performance royalty equivalent to a five per cent equity share capital in the two Glen Affric hydro projects. However, as of 2020 there has been no performance royalty as yet.

Commission dates and payment schedule

Community benefit will be paid annually in arrears from the grid connection date for each scheme. The Glen Cannich schemes were commissioned in November 2016 and the Glen Affric schemes in July 2017. Glen Cannich payments are received in December/January and Glen Affric scheme payments in August/September.

Governance of SCF

Strathglass Community Fund Constitution.

There is a board of trustees. The trustees must act in the best interest of SCF and its charitable objectives and they are appointed annually at the AGM by the members of SCF. If you wish to become a member or a trustee please return a Membership Form to the Secretary SCF, c/o Muirdale, Cannich, Beauly, Inverness-shire, IV4 7LN prior to the next AGM which will be held in late Autumn.